Getting to know your coworkers has never been easier

As a company grows, it gets harder and harder to maintain relationships and know the people you work with.

Even knowing everyone’s name becomes an impossible task as a company expands to multiple offices.

Bevy is targeted at companies going through these growth stages or large companies that already are have multiple offices and departments. With Bevy, all team members create a company profile where they fill out their basic profile information and record short introduction videos in response to a set of questions the company creates.


Easy onboarding for every person that joins the company, by allowing them to meet those they are going to be working with before they even start.


Rich profile for all team members within the company so you can learn more about a coworker.

Remote Offices

Employees visiting remote offices can now get up to speed on the remote teams, and know their team members on a much better level than just name and job title.

Build Professional Relationships

Increase productivity by encouraging collaboration and camaraderie within an organization.

Bevy Dashboard

At a glance, view all the new employees in your organization and watch their intro videos.

Additionally, quickly see who has updated their profile or video with new information.

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